Since 2006

Our story

ZenFri is an internationally recognized and award-winning interactive studio that leverages cutting-edge design and technology to push the boundaries of storytelling.

Working across an array of mediums, including Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and gaming, we create lovingly crafted experiences for clients and consumers across Canada and around the world.

Our Mission

Founded in 2006 by Corey King and Dee King, ZenFri is a creative company with a deep passion for storytelling. 

Never satisfied with sticking to a specific medium, genre or style, we’re constantly experimenting and reinventing ourselves to service the needs of each project we undertake.

With our crack team of world-class artists and engineers, we push the boundaries, bringing truly innovative projects to life.

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


The Team

Dee King



Dee King specializes as a Project Lead, Producer, Designer and Writer. A background in film, Dee transitioned to the interactive industry to shape the future of interactive narrative-focused stories on screens of all sizes.

Corey King




"Teaming up with ZenFri was a perfect fit. Like Princess Auto, they're a small Winnipeg-based company doing big things. And like our customers, they have the passion and drive to make it happen!"
Ken Larson, Princess Auto
“We effectively turn the entire CFDC into an augmented reality playground that forces you to engage with exhibit content to move forward and reveal AR fossils along the way."
Peter Cantelon, Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre
"State-of-the-art touch screen table provides visitors the opportunity to understand how the city has changed over time by exploring digital maps, pinning locations, and even releasing virtual floodwaters and a plague of locusts!"
Manitoba Museum
"When I first started working with ZenFri, I didn’t know what to expect. The project I proposed was a brand-new experience for me, I had never worked with Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Throughout our collaboration ZenFri staff held my hand and patiently explained (and demonstrated) the possibilities of an AR tool as a storytelling device. Not only did they fully support the technical aspects of the project, but they were also willing participants in the brainstorming and theme building of some of the content creation during community group consultation sessions. I really felt like ZenFri was all-in on my proposed project.

In the end, I know that the product of Histoire cachée In Plain Sight is truly successful as a sharing tool for important French Métis cultural stories, while also touching on truth and reconciliation stories with indigenous First Nations. This project would not have been possible without ZenFri’s dedication, care and innovations! Merci ZenFri, keep up the amazing work!"



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